South Station Train Terminal - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are South Station's operating hours?
A: The South Station Train Terminal is open year-round, 7-days a week from 5:00 am until 12:00 am midnight. In situations where regular train service has been delayed, passengers with tickets are permitted to remain inside the facility.

Q: How do I get from South Station to...?
A: If you want to use public transportation for your trip to or from South Station, the offers a trip planning tool that not only will tell you how to but also includes an estimated time and cost. 
If you are looking for regional train or bus connections, try Wanderu.
If you wish to explore Boston on foot, offers walking directions.

Q: Where are the nearest parking garages?
A: Please see our Directions & Parking page for more information. 

Q: How do I contact the Lost & Found?
A: There is an MBTA Commuter Rail Lost & Found office located within South Station, in the hallway to the left of Barbara's Bookstore. They can also be reached at (617) 772-4958. If you lost an item on the subway or a local bus, please visit the MBTA's website to find the most appropriate phone number.

Q: Does South Station have luggage storage facilities?
A: Teddy Ballgames souvenir and sports memorabilia shop offers bag storage. Located at the front of the station.
(617) 330-1261 Hours: M-F: 7am - 7pm Sat - Sun: 9am - 5pm

B: Amtrak: if you are traveling with Amtrak, they will hold your luggage, just look for the "Red Cap" employees to help you. There are also options in the Bus Terminal and Rowe's Wharf. Please check out this great page about luggage storage from

Q: Are there rental cars available at South Station?
A: While there are no rental cars available at South Station, there are many companies which garage cars nearby – from the major rental agencies to ZipCar. Please see the Transportation page for more information.

Q: Does South Station offer Wifi or payphones?
A: The South Station Train Terminal has a free public WiFi service. The network name is Free_WiFi_at_South_Station.  For questions on how to access the network or for tech support, please contact Sky Packets at 1-877-495-WiFi (9434) or
Payphones are available in the station in the hallway to the left of Barbara's Bookstore.