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Station Information

Area Parking

There is no parking available at the South Station Train Terminal. There are many facilities in the area with weekday rates generally in the range of $25 - $30; a partial listing is below.

The MBTA offers multiple lots adjacent to mass transit as an alternative. For more information, visit the T Parking Made Simple.

South Station Bus Terminal Parking
(617) 345-0202
Entrance on Kneeland Street

Garage at Two Financial Center
(617) 426-1620
Entrance on Essex Street

Garage at 125 Summer Street
(617) 443-1110
Entrance on Lincoln Street

Garage at 99 Summer Street
(617) 439-3606
Entrance on Kingston Street

Garage at 100 High Street
(617) 261-9997
Entrance on High Street

Garage at Post Office Square
(617) 423-1430
Entrance on Congress Street


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Unfortunately we do not have information on the South Station Bus Terminal.  This website is for the South Station Train Terminal only.